Who are the Radio Amateurs of the Gorge (W7RAG)


The Radio Amateurs of the Gorge radio club was formed in the late 1960's by a group of hams living in Hood River county. The club meetings were held in the upstairs meeting room above Paris Fair department store. We met monthly to share ideas and talents to promote the radio hobby. Most all had built their own equipment. Two meters was new on the agenda and much time was spent converting mobile phone equipment from the telephone service to be used for mobile or base 2 meter stations. All were crystal controlled.

Our major activity was ARRL field day setting up a camp somewhere within the Mount Hood Forest district usually at an old forest service lookout site.

In the late seventies our first 2 meter repeater was installed on Mt. Defiance. In 2008 our club call sign (W7RAG) was acquired.

Fast forward to today and there are 5 VHF/UHF repeaters in the area. A Winlink digital node exists to provide Email, BBS and NTS services to local hams. VHF and HF Nets are are available to interested folks. ARES/RACES groups are in place in the gorge. But the Radio Amateurs of the Gorge has not lost sight of it's original purpose.  To:


Provide radio theory training to the public in all phases of amateur radio.

Provide training and instruction to members to improve skills relating to amateur radio.

Provide communication in times of emergency, charitable, public or other community activities.

Provide a meeting place to socialize and to promote the exchange of ideas to further enhance the hobby of amateur radio.

We are committed to furthering the growth of the Amateur Radio hobby. The Radio Amateurs of the Gorge is proud to offer ham radio and emergency services related workshops and license exam training classes. Activities during the year help promote camaraderie among members.  Our public service support for civic events promote good will between amateurs and our local or regional communities.

Club activities include:
Elmering others
Community event communications support
Members meetings
Mini Field Days for fun and practice
Antenna parties
Instructional classes
Most members of W7RAG reside in Hood River and Wasco county Oregon, or Skamania and Klickitat County Washington. We do, however welcome any and all that have an interest in amateur radio to join us.

Attend a monthly meeting on the second Saturday of the month at 8:30 AM. We meet at the Hood River Fire Department, 1785 Meyer Parkway in Hood River. You may also contact us for more information. If interested take a look at our membership pages and fill out a membership application and then mail it in or bring it with you to a meeting.

We welcome all guests and members to join us and have FUN!


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