Membership Requirements





Membership is open to any person interested in the purposes of the club:

To enhance and grow the hobby of amateur radio.

To provide training to those interested in the amateur radio hobby.

To provide communication in times of disaster, mergencies, charitable, public or other community activities.


There are three types of member in W7RAG:

Active Member - A member in good standing having a valid Amateur Radio License and having privileges of voting and holding office.

Honorary Member - An individual who has rendered outstanding contributions to the club and is elected by Active Members. An Honorary Member pays no dues.

Associate Member (non-licensed) - A member in good standing having a bona-fide interest in Amateur Radio, without the privileges of voting or holding office.

Annual Dues:


W7RAG dues are currently $15.00 per year for an Active Member

Dues are established by the Executive Board and voted on by the membership.

Additional licensed Amateurs in the same household will pay dues at 20% of Active Membership.

Students in grades through 12 not part of a member household will pay dues at 50% of Active Membership.

Associate Members' dues shall be the same as Active Members'.